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Lock nut
SWIFT nuts cannot be matched with and locked into the external thread

1。 Whether pitch of the inner and external thread can match with each other:Check whether the inner thread and external thread are the same。

2. Whether the effective diameter of the thread meets the tolerance:Check the external thread by micrometer to ensure that it meets the tolerance.

3。 Whether there are damages and burrs on the inner and external thread form:Check if there is any damage or burr on the external thread。 If yes, use the triangle diamond file to remove them。

4. Whether the left and right rotations of inner and external thread are matched:Check whether the left and right rotations of inner and external thread are matched

5。 Whether the nominal outside diameter of inner and external thread are matched:Check whether the inner and external diameter are the same in size by vernier caliper。

6. Whether the outer diameter of external thread is over sized: Use micrometer check the outer diameter

积分彩彩票7. Whether the thread form of external thread is standard:Use optical projector to check whether the thread form is kept at 60 degree.

SWIFT nuts cannot match with the external thread. After being locked, the nuts cannot be removed.

积分彩彩票1. Whether the lock screw of the nut is loosened:Please remember that when you remove SWIFT nuts, the lock copper is not loosened even if the screw is. Slightly strike the nut close to the screw with copper bar, which can loosen the lock copper and remove the nut without any efforts.

2. Whether the thread form of inner and external thread is clean:Clean the inner and external thread and apply lubricant before you use it. Before the dis-assembly, clean the surface of the external thread and apply lubricant

3. Whether the appearance of external thread is damaged:Visually check whether the thread form is impacted. If yes, use the triangle file to remove the burr and polish it with fine abrasive paper

SWIFT nuts are still prone to be loosened after being locked into the external thread

积分彩彩票1. Large fitment tolerance in the effective diameter of the inner and external thread:Check if the effective diameter of the external thread is too small (It is recommended that the PD value of main shaft is within 0.01 to 0.07mm and the PD value of ball screw is within 0.04 to 0.09mm.)

2. model of the nut is selected improperly:Select nut model according to equipment model

积分彩彩票3. Whether the screw is fixed:After the nut is locked, confirm the screw is fixed

Poor precision after SWITF nuts are locked into the external thread

积分彩彩票1.Whether the external thread is perpendicular to the central line of the shaft:Pay attention to the precision and manufacturing process during the turning or grinding of the external thread

2。The three-point screw copper of the nut is incorrectly locked:Firstly, lock the screw slightly until the screw copper is matched with the thread。 Then evenly lock each screw in sequence

3.Whether the tool is correctly selected for locking the nut:Don’t strike by using wrong tools. Please fasten it with torque wrench

4。Whether the inner and external thread are clean:Clean the inner and external thread and apply a little lubricant

Bearing installation

Mount the bearings lubricated with grease or the degreased bearings (oil-air lubrication or fog lubrication)on shaft and bearing seat.

Mounting method varies with different fitment of inner and outer rings。 For bearings used in lathe, most of the time, their inner rings rotate, so generally, interference fit is applied。 While for cylindrical bearings, hot mounting is applied。

Most of the time, clearance fit is used on outer ring and this is easy to mount。 Some time, to make mounting easier, method of heating bearing seat is also used。

Inner rings of the bearings with tapered bores is directly fixed on the tapered shaft。 When bearings used in high speed rotation, radial clearance should be properly controlled。 It is recommended to used GN gauge。

Mounting sequence

Whether bearings are mounted properly or not has direct impact on the accuracy, service life and performance of the bearings。 Therefore, It is better that the designing and engineering department should have complete discuss on the mounting issue and mount according to the working standards。 Generally, working standards are as below: 1。 Clean bearings 2。 Check dimension of the related parts 3。 Mounting 4。 Inspection after mounting

It is recommended that, open the bearing package right before mounting。 Generally, bearings for high speed operation should be cleaned with clean oil to remove anti-corrosion agent。 Cleaned bearings are prone to be rusted due to no anti-corrosion agent, so, we can not just leave them there。 Also, bearings lubricated with grease can be put into use without cleaning。 Mounting method is depending on the bearing type and type of fitting。 As bearings are usually used on rotating shafts, the inner rings require a interference fit。 For bearings with cylindrical bores, they are usually mounted by being pressed on the shaft or being heated to expand their diameter。 Bearings are usually mounted on the bearing seat using clearance fit。 If interference fit is used, bearings is usually pressed in by machine。


积分彩彩票Precision bearings are of high accuracy and high quality, so the use of them should be cautious。 No matter how high the performance and accuracy are, bearings can only work well with proper operation

Keep the bearings and surrounding clean

积分彩彩票Even the invisible dust can have adverse impact on the bearings. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the bearings and surrounding clean to prevent invasion of dust and foreign matters

Operate cautiously

积分彩彩票If the bearings are impacted during operation, damage and dents will occur and will result in accidents。 Even worse, bearings will crack or even fracture。 So, please be cautious。

Proper working tool

Do not use the existing tools and use of special tools is a must

Pay attention to corrosion of bearings

During operation, please keep your hands clean, as the sweat, oil etc which attached on your hands will cause corrosion of the bearings. So, it is better to put on gloves. Also, please pay attention to corrosion caused by corrosive gas.


积分彩彩票Although bearings are packed and boxed after being lubricated with anti-corrosion agent, contact with air outside can not be avoided completely. So, bearings should be stored in clean, dry, well ventilated places with low humidity. Bearings should be put in cabinets or shelves in rows and kept at least 30cm above the ground. For unpacked bearings which is opened for inspection, measurements need to be taken to prevent corrosion.